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alle die JPM hier kritisieren und alle die die sonst noch an Fakten und an Michael Schmuachers EIGENER Wortwahl nach einem beinahe identischen Vorgang 2000 interessiert sind sollten mal hier lesen:


Im Falle eines Falles stelle ich mich gern als Übersetzer zur Verfügung

Hier schon mal ein Auszug aus dem - meiner Meinung nach nicht durch Fanliebe oder -Hass - verzerrrten Kommentar:

"....The weakness that broke Michael's dream of 18 consecutive victories this year was Michael's own arrogance. It was a lesson he did not learn at Monza in 2000 when he caused some frightening moments when playing about behind the Safety Car, warming up his brakes. On that occasion it was others who suffered and after the race Michael admitted his mistake.

Fast forward nearly four years and the same thing happens again and this time the response is different: hours after the race the Ferrari team issued a press statement which quoted Schumacher was saying that "the situation is that the race leader was knocked out of the race after being hit by a backmarker."

These were not the words of a great champion. Nor was it right that the team was up in Race Control arguing that Juan Pablo Montoya was a dirty driver and had taken Michael out of the race deliberately. Where was Montoya supposed to go when Michael caught him out accelerating and braking in the tunnel? Montoya tried to avoid the Ferrari by diving for the right side of the track where there was (initially at least) a gap. Montoya was trying to stop but there was just no time and he ended up with the right hand wheels of the Williams rubbing down the barrier and his left front wheel rubbing along the sidepod of the Ferrari. The Williams slowed but as it did so the left front wheel tagged Michael's right rear and the Ferrari was turned sharply to the left and smacked into the barriers.

The accident obscured one major fact. Even if Michael was leading this race, there was no way that he was going to win it because everyone had made their last stop except for him. To suggest that he was in a position where victory was possible was just unrealistic. Michael did set the fastest lap of the race but Monaco 2004 belonged to Jarno Trulli and the world loved him for it....."

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