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Bei Amerika´s Bimmer stand mal folgendes:

The Clown Nose Controversy

The "Clown Nose" flashes after you purchase, install and activate your
BMW alarm. Did you know that
you can have the Nose programmed to flash, and the amber lights blink
off/on when you open/close the
doors even though the alarm is NOT installed?

Here's how:
1) Have your dealer hook up the shop computer to the car.
2) Go to the "Anit-Theft" activation section.
3) Activate the alarm, but uncheck the "DWA" option.

This was tested by at least a dozen people so far, who swear that it
works. The shop work order the job was written as: "Program car memory to visual acknowledge when locking/unlocking"


The following is a quote from a very reputable dealer passing along a
comment from his tech guys on the above procedure. Take this as you want, I'm passing it along so that you do know there might be problems with this procedure. The last thing I want is for you to screw up your car.

"I feel that it is my civic duty to warn everyone who is
having this done of the 'irreversible consequences' of this procedure
(when activated sans alarm). In plain English, activating the light is
tricking the car's computer into thinking that the car has had an alarm
installed. Consequently, fault codes are generated because the computer
is searching for alarm data and can't find any... This will not affect
the functionality of the vehicle until the car has some
other electrical problem. When the car is hooked up to the diagnostic
equipment at the BMW Center, the technician is going to pull up string
after string of fault codes, and be unable diagnose whatever the problem
is. At that point, the only solution will be to replace the car's
computer -or- add an alarm in order to isolate the real fault codes...
Sounds like a big headache just to have a blinking clown-nose thingy... "
Sales Manager, Reputable Dealer, Fall 1999

The person making this statement has been correct 95% of the time in
his statements about technical matters and is known to be a real BMW fanatic, always ready
to help fellow bimmer lovers, no matter if they buy from him or not. It was therefore
assumed this was the case and the Clown Nose hubub died down.


The official publication of the BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA) ROUNDEL, in the December 2000 issue, weighed in on the topic and said the following:

In answer to a question by Jackie Moro, according to Mike Miller, the
Technical Editor of Roundel, in his "Tech Talk" column on page 104, BMWCCA spoke with BMW
NA regarding any problems with the above procedure. According to BMW NA, there are no long term problems with this procedure.
Here's the quote:
"We spoke with BMW of North America regarding (the
question) The "Car Memory" function, "Acknowledgement without DWA" for E46
vehicles (without factory-installed alarm), is available since DIS CD 20.0, and
its functionality is described in Service Bulletin 09 03 98. When activated,
the fault code "07 anti-theft alarm system" is going to be set in General Module. This fault does not affect operation of the General Module in any way. Simply put, the sustem detects
absence of certain components of the DWA - alarm siren and ultrasonic sensor -
while at the same time the module was coded to activate the DWA for the
lights acknowledgement purpose. Again, the above mentioned fault code
is transparent to driver and does not affect the operation of the car.
There is no reason to replace the General Module after Car Memory
programming. This programming procedure was approved by BMW AG."
Roundel, December 2000, pg. 104

December, 2000.
Baes on the above evidence, I had my nose programmed
and it works like a charm!

...viel Spaß und gutes Gelingen!


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