Thema: 3er E46 330d aus Finland
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shneapfla: We have 2 years warranty here + I get free services up till 80tkm/2 years. I'll bet it's the clutch that will go first. I'll have to find out if we have ACS dealer up here.

Powerboat3000: Mine will be a 4-door Sedan, but surely it has the same drivetrain components that 330cd has. 204ps vs. 218ps isn't a big difference, but it's the torque that "kills" the clutch and other drivetrain components.
If the old 330d can handle 500Nm when chipped then surely the new 330d will also take 500Nm. Because the new 6-speed gearbox has "shorter" gear ratios, it will not stress clutch and other componets so much.
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