Thema: 3er E46 330d aus Finland
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Cool, thanks mates!

I have tried to search info from and , but they don't have 330d in USA.

I know that the new 330d with 204ps is quite a new model. So there is not much info available. I think that this is still the best forum to find it, because you native Germans have the best possibilities to find it.

I will have my 330d sedan around mid June (klimatronic, sport mfl, black sedan). First mod will be aftermarket suspension and after "running in" OBD chip tuning. I have also chipped my current Audi A3 130PD. Now my clutch is slipping with 5th and 6th gear. So that's why I am asking how much torque can the new 330d clutch take?

Also does anyone have specs for E46 330d wheel alignment?
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