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Test in Jerez.
December 8th - 10th 2005
Day three - Saturday

Weather conditions: Sunny and dry, but windy
Temperatures: Air: 10-20°C, track: 10-23°C
Fastest lap overall: 1:18.752 min
Jacques Villeneuve, Sauber C24B/BMW P86, Michelin
Number of cars participating: 10
Driver on duty: Jacques Villeneuve
Chassis: Sauber C24B
Engine: BMW P86 V8
Test kilometres today: 447 km
Number of laps today: 101
Fastest lap: 1:18.752 min (lap 101)

Test programme / Remarks:
A productive final day of testing with Jacques Villeneuve running the best lap time of the day. The Sauber C24B with the BMW P86 V8 engine worked well and without problems all day long. The engineers concentrated on a tyre test programme for Michelin and gathered more data on the BMW P86 V8. The engine ran flawlessly, and reached its mileage around noon and therefore needed to be changed. The crew continued testing later in the afternoon.

What comes next: Test in Jerez from December 13 to 15.
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