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November 28th – 30th 2005
Day two – Tuesday

Weather conditions: Sunny and dry
Temperatures: Air: 5-14°C, track: 5-15°C

Fastest lap overall: 1:17.570 min, Christian Klien, Red Bull-Cosworth V10, Michelin

Number of cars participating: 10

Driver on duty: Nick Heidfeld
Chassis: Sauber C24B
Engine: BMW P86 V8
Test kilometres today: 120 km
Number of laps today: 26
Fastest lap: 1:21.036 min (lap 21)

Test programme / Remarks:
Continuation of testing with Sauber C24B and BMW P86 V8 engine. In the morning, the engineers focused on data acquisition runs particularly for the engine. Due to a leak in the fuel rail work was stopped early in the afternoon.

What comes next: Continuation of engine and systems testing
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