Thema: 1er E87 u.a. Der M1 kommt
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Es kommt keine M1 hatch.

2007 kommt der M2 coupe mit 3.0 6cil oder E46 M3 motor. Info von eine bmw insider

M-Division originally had plans for a 240 BHP six cylinder engine - But as this was not acceptable - Two courses are been taken - developing the new engine further to about 300 - 310 BHP . Or simply slotting the masterpiece that is the current M3 engine into the small coupe.
At BMW we always do further testing so both plans are being investigated.
It depends on marketing - We do not really want to step on the toes of our other products M5 and M6 etc.

Of course the tease begins with the M-Sport package which will give gravity to BMW's intentions. Look at the 1er and you will see the coupes flatter kidney grille - The M package is similar to the in development M-car.

With the range of models investigated for the E87 platform .
Testing is well underway in 1er hatchback mules - which means invisible to the public eye.
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