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23.11.2001, 18:14
Ich hab da noch was gefunden, und bemerke dass die Engländer den 7er vom aussehen nicht wirklich mögen. Ein relativ kurzer test, aber interessant..:) Auf Englisch

BBC Roadtest 7er (http://www.topgear.beeb.com/content/cars/cars/A4/E5/roadtests/03.html)

Erlaube mir ihn auch noch mal hier direkt hin zu posten...

BMW 7-Series - Roadtest
[November 07 2001]

BMW's all-new 7-Series is a remarkable car. But it is not so remarkable for its comfort, smoothness, spaciousness, speed, handling or refinement, for those are all attributes which apply in similar, though maybe not quite equal measure, to the current 7 - and indeed to a number of £50,000-plus rivals. So I can confirm - if there was ever going to be any doubt - that this new model will not disappoint in those areas.

On the autostrada it is eager, swift and silent. On one empty stretch the new 333bhp 'Valvetronic' and 'Bi-Vanos' equipped V8 casually flicked the analogue/LCD speedo needle to 230kph, but from where I was sitting the new 7 was really no noisier, less stable or intrusive than at half that speed.

On twistier roads the superb brakes are beyond reproach and the ride and handling largely impeccable, though I have to qualify that by saying that if cornered hard through a hairpin it can feel a bit vague and squidgy unless in Sport mode, and to select Sport mode (which automatically adjusts anti-roll, damping and steering characteristics) the driver needs to get to grips with the 7's unique new iDrive system, another remarkable feature, which we'll come back to later.

The gearstick has been replaced by one of the four steering column stalks - the polished aluminium one in the top right position. There are also four shift buttons on the wheelrim: a pair on the front for downshifts, the two on the back for upshifts and, just like BMW's conventional Steptronic lever, this is the opposite of what feels natural or intuitive to me. The stalk selects D, N, R and P, though not in the conventional operating mode, while the buttons shift sequentially from first to sixth and back again, for this is the world's first six-speed auto - and it's 'shift-by-wire' too.

Through the iDrive system, the parking brake can be programmed to automatically engage and release as the car comes to a halt and moves away again. What also work well, and are operated conventionally, are the wipers, lights, the basic functions of the climate control and volume for the entertainment system. The over-complex electric seat-adjust controls represent a step sideways, though the seats and headrests are indeed very adjustable and ultimately very comfortable.

In BMW's words: 'The basic philosophy of iDrive is to adjust technical systems and the control operations they require to the needs and mind frame of the human being - and not vice versa'. The whole caboodle is controlled either via that large ally 'controller' which acts like a computer's mouse, or by up to 270 voice-activated commands. From the main menu there are eight main functions, each in turn with approximately half a dozen sub-functions.

But all this, dear reader, has barely scratched the surface of what the new 7 is about. I've hardly touched upon the new engine and transmission and I've not even mentioned the 'preselector' and 'active' cruise controls, the pneumatic rear suspension, the 'active' seats and side-support headrests, the automatic boot lid, the cordless telephone handset(s), the cooling boxes, the aluminium body panels and front and rear axles, the illuminated door handles and area around car, the automatic 'Soft Close' door shutting, the electric rear sunblinds, the optional eight-inch monitor screen or the even better-appointed LWB version to follow.

And if ugly is the new handsome, then I'll reluctantly concede the new 7 is handsome. But the current 7 makes much sweeter eye-candy by comparison.

Tom Stewart

VERDICT Inelegant styling bursting with multi-function technology, but is this what we really want?

Model Four-door executive/luxury saloon
Engine 4398cc V8, 32v, 333bhp
Performance 0-62mph in 6.3secs, 155mph top speed
Cost £54,000 approx
Rivals Audi A8 4.2, Jaguar Daimler V8, Lexus LS430, Mercedes S430


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